Fastest, most efficient inference for fine-tuned LLMs

Serve 100s of small fine-tuned models on a single GPU at speeds 2-3x faster than other solutions. Powered by LoRAX and Turbo LoRA.

Serving Infra Built For
 Your Needs

We offer deployment methods designed for teams at any stage of development from early experimentation through large-scale production.

Shared Serverless Inference

Use our endpoints to get started fast.
Great for experimenting with different base models and fine-tuned adapters.

Private Serverless Deployments

Spin up a private, dedicated GPU deployment for any base model and serve 100s of fine-tuned models on top with a single GPU using LoRAX.

Virtual Private Cloud

Use your own cloud environment for complete control and the strictest privacy and security.

Faster And More Cost-Effective Inference

Low latency enables real-time interactive applications

High throughput supports more simultaneous requests

Cost efficiency that scales with your AI initiatives

Fast, Efficient Deployments Powered by LoRAX’s Innovations

LoRA eXchange (LoRAX) enables you to serve hundreds of fine-tuned LLMs from a single GPU without sacrificing performance, saving you significant cost and resources.

Continuous Multi-Adapter Batching

Load multiple adapters on a single GPU deployment in a single model forward pass with nearly no impact on latency.

Tiered Weight Caching

Automatically unload unused adapters from GPU to CPU to disk 
to avoid out-of-memory errors.

Dynamic Adapter Loading

Each set of fine-tuned LoRA weights is loaded from storage just-in-time as requests come in at runtime, without blocking concurrent requests.

Manage Your Instance Through an Intuitive UI

Custom Autoscaling Compute

Automatically suspend GPUs if a deployment doesn’t receive requests for a specified amount of time or enter 0 for an always-on deployment.

Custom Autoscaling Compute

Manage Deployments in One Place

Get a bird’s eye view of your private serverless and shared serverless deployments. Create new deployments with just a few clicks or a few lines of code.

Manage Deployments in One Place

Choose your GPUs

Optimize for cost and performance by specifying a GPU for the deployment.

Choose your GPUs

View a detailed event log

Dive into a full event log to diagnose errors

View a detailed event log

Ready to efficiently fine-tune and serve your own LLM?