The Predibase Platform

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Build AI-powered applications faster with the first low-code AI platform for developers.

The Low-code AI Platform

The Low-code AI Platform

Complex ML development is preventing engineering teams from productionizing AI applications. Manually building ML pipelines, wrestling with various data modalities, and deploying on distributed infrastructure is slow, expensive, and too high of a bar for most.

With Predibase’s low-code AI platform, you can easily build custom ML pipelines declaratively or instantly query popular LLMs hosted within your own environment. Finetuning models is just as easy, and deployment is only one click away. Start putting AI projects into production in minutes, not months.


Our engineering and data science teams rely on declarative ML to rapidly develop features across multi-modal datasets and leverage state-of-the-art language models for a broad range of use cases.

Lindsay Ng, Data Scientist II, Payscale


How it works

Simplified Model Building

Build state-of-the-art models and query LLMs in just a few lines of a configuration file.

Flexible Data Connectors

Upload any data—image, text, tabular, and audio—or connect to popular data sources in the cloud including Snowflake, Databricks, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Your data is automatically preprocessed and features are generated so you can jump right into building models without writing complex code.

Flexible Data Connectors

The declarative ML approach makes it easy for our team of data scientists and engineers to train state-of-the-art language models on top of large volumes of unstructured data. With these insights, we're able to build more personalized user experiences.

Harsh Singhal, Head of Machine Learning & AI, Koo Social


Powerful Model Customizations

Manage, compare, and customize ML models and LLMs with complete control.

Collaborative Model Repository

Work as a team with a single pane of glass for all model versions associated with an AI project. Track model changes through an intuitive lineage graph and compare model performance with powerful analytics, visualizations, and explainability.

Collaborative Model Repository
top 10 us bank

Predibase shines with the simplicity of AutoML while providing the robust flexibility and advanced features that teams desire like support for model fine tuning. It's stunning to see how fast accurate results can be delivered —reducing time to value from months to days.

Dr. Volkmar Scharf-Katz, Data Science Leader at a Top US Bank


Scalable, Flexible Deployment

Build in your environment and serve anywhere on a fully managed, modern cloud infrastructure.

Predictive Query Editor

Our Predictive Query Language (PQL) editor brings machine learning closer to your data by enabling teams to explore models with familiar SQL-like commands. Run what-if scenarios to see how different parameters or features impact model performance. Prompt a series of LLMs to see how they perform. All of this and much more can be done with PQL.

Predictive Query Editor

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